Third Visit to Buckley Lodge

CAM_4721A third visit to Buckley Lodge in North Wales took place on the evening of Friday 8th January to see Bro. Derek Walker raised to Master Mason.
Jim McNally and several other members of Pendle Lodge have kept up a close relationship with Buckley Lodge and in particular Derek since he joined Freemasonry 12 CAM_4714months ago. The friendship developed during a period of motorcycle ownership when all the brethren would spend many happy times riding huge Honda Goldwing motorcycles around the UK and abroad. It took a while to convince Derek that Freemasony was for him, but as soon as his wife Barbara started to enjoy Ladies evenings he was soon under a bit more pressure.

Anyway, his initiation and passing ceremony went without a hitch and on this occasion the
CAM_4719third degree was expected to be pretty much the same. The officers and WM performed brilliantly and delivered what can only be described as a first class performance. The traditional History and Third Degree Working Tools were presented by WBro Dave Turvey, a regular visitor to Pendle Lodge ladies evenings.

The Ladies accompanied us for the weekend and we all stayed at a nearby hotel in Mold. They enjoyed a great day out shopping in Chester City Centre whilst the guys had a good look around the ancient monuments and the Cathedral. Bro Ian Duxbury and Lynette joined us for the Masonic visit and weekend away for their very first trip, and they both WP_20160109_14_47_31_Proenjoyed the weekend. A goodly amount of wine and whisky was consumed and a very good Chinese restaurant called The Hot Wok was discovered.
Unfortunately one of our number Jim McNally wasn’t too well and had to be dispatched back home to his bed, so Jim and Elizabeth were missed somewhat.

Building a relationship with other Lodges is always very rewarding, especially if you can tie up a visit to them over a weekend. It can be great fun and extend your Masonic circle of friends tremendously. I would recommend it heartily.

One thought on “Third Visit to Buckley Lodge

  1. Thank you all for coming down it was very much appreciated, talk about calm on the surface and pedalling underneath, will have to come with Dave next time to Pendle ,
    regards Derek Walker


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