First Degree Tracing Board by Darren Haigh

Bro Darran HaighThe night of the first degree tracing board started off really well, everything was prepared like clockwork, and the officer sashes made ready, the festive room was organised meticulously. We had one guest and others could not attend due to illness.

Roy langtree first degree tracing boardThe bar was manned and stacked ready for the rush. We then started to open the lodge and one by one each officer had something to say apart from me, but to my surprise I was walked to the front and in the east Roy stood ill coughing in pain , but he looked so smart and ready.

I can honestly say that what he said was amazing, not only what he said but the way he said it, with passion and a full understanding of all the meanings of the tracing board. Afterwords I looked it up and was reading for the next 3 hours to try and understand everything that was said to me. The whole episode was enlightening to me and only enthused me to know more.

first degree tracing boardThe are so many things still what I don’t understand, only that many of the tracing board words come straight from the bible. Because I like history it helped me build a picture of what Freemasons are all about, and I liked what I heard. Seems daft, the principles and morals you have match my own sentiments and behaviours, just wish more people felt and acted the same way in society today, I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for giving me this Enlighting experience, and I look forward to my future with the mason and all the friends I have made in such a short space of time

Thanks again
Darran Haigh Ass secretary

2 thoughts on “First Degree Tracing Board by Darren Haigh

  1. Congratulations Darren sorry I couldn’t be with you, no doubt it was a good evening and another milestone in your masonic career


  2. Hi Darran
    Sorry I couldn’t be with you on Wednesday, but if Roy was up to speed and I know he is, then you received a proper explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board. Thanks for writing the article. If you want to do more on the website just let me know.

    Plan on being at the next practice so maybe see you there.


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