ELMC – 2016 Tandem Sky Dive

Bro Mark Barlow W.M.A team of 7 Freemasons from the Burnley and Pendle District area and one young lady from Hewlett Court Bury, intend to do a Tandem parachute jump at the Skydive St. George, The Old Armoury, Durham Tees Valley Airport, DL2 1LU.

The event will take place on the 14th May of 2016 this will give our seven willing victims enough time to collect sponsorship which is in aid of the ELMC.

Tandem Parachute jump from 12000 ft.The event will entail jumping from the light aircraft at around 12 thousand feet, each being attached to a fully qualified Tandem Instructor. The pair will then free fall at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour for about 30 seconds or about seven thousand feet before the parachute is deployed, the pair will then descend in a controlled manner before gently returning back to terra firma .we hope.

We would have around 7 months to promote this and the only thing I can’t guarantee is the weather. If the weather was bad we would be able to delay the jump indefinitely.

If anyone would like to come up and watch, the team are booked in for Friday night and Saturday night at a nearby Hotel but unfortunately there are no double rooms left in this
establishment, there is a Premier Inn which is four miles from the drop zone which some of our jumpers and their guests will be staying at, and then hopefully we can all meet up onthe Saturday night.
The details of the premier Inn are as follows –
Premier Inn Darlington,
Morton Park Way,
Morton Park,
Telephone 0871 527 8286.
Rooms here are at present £35.00 per night but the price does go up quite steeply nearer
the date. If you go on the internet then you can access the Premier Inn site and do the 
booking on line.

The brave volunteers are as follows.

Mark Barlow Pendle Lodge 4703
Ian MacDonald Three Chalices Lodge 8249
Steve Hobson Borough and Ashlar Lodge 4858
David Hawkins Colne Lodge 4402
Simon Capstick Abbey Lodge 2529
Stephen Rothwell Royal Lancs 116
Mrs Julie Ward Hewlett Court D.o.O

Thanks for your support

Walter Coupe

7 thoughts on “ELMC – 2016 Tandem Sky Dive

  1. Hi Mark, Hi all you regular Pendle Lodgers!
    Good article on the Parachuting and will do my best to be there on the day.
    Plenty of information there and should do well promoting the event for sponsorship.
    I am gradually working my way through the list of participants to sponsor a little for each one.
    Good luck to you all and what a grand idea for raising money.
    How about 1759 starting an Ancient Skydiving team? Any volunteers?
    Well done Mark, well done Walter.

    Sincerely and Fraternally

    Mike Squires


  2. How do you arrange any sponsorship, please let me know, will support you Larry Riches Lancaster Lodge Portugal


    1. Hello Larry,
      I dont know if anyone has contacted you with a reply, Mark Barlow is Pendle Lodge Paratrooper . Pendle Lodge would appreciate any sponsorship for him with cheques made payable to “Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons”
      As the organiser I can tell you that up to this present date the seven person team have raised over £8,500 for the East Lancashire Masonic Charities.
      Thank you for your support Larry, and hope to see you soon.
      Sincerely and Fraternally
      Walter Coupe, Chaplain Pendle Lodge.


  3. Last night West Craven Lodge in Barnoldswick celebrated the 80th. Birthday of their W.M. W. Bro. Mick Town. The Lodge room was full to capacity as was the Social Board. There were two APGM’s there our own W. Bro. John Farrington and W. Bro. Roger Newhouse from Yorkshire West Riding, although they were not there in their official capacities.
    W. Bro. Mick Town is a well known and popular Mason and he was paid many well deserved tributes. There was a good showing from Pendle, nine of us attended.
    The Social Board was an Olde England night and plenty of fines were collected. They even came round with the whisky.
    Bro. Mark Barlow received some generous sponsorship for his forthcoming parachute jump,
    and a great night was enjoyed by all.


  4. Congratulations Mark. With a bit of luck I will try to attend the event and capture some pictures of you all. From the ground of course.
    Don’t forget to add my name to your sponsorship list.


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