Candle Caper during Third Degree

Ritchie SmithNormally we have our third degree ceremony in May. It’s the last ceremony prior to the Summer break and is usually a long-winded affair as we include the traditional history and a full closing all the way down from the third degree. However, due to membership being on the up and a few ceremonies to get through Ritchie Smith was raised to Master Mason at the February meeting, and what an excellent ceremony it turned out to be.

Keith Bateman and Ritchie Smith
W.M. Keith Bateman congratulates Ritchie Smith on becoming a Master Mason

Ritchie has enjoyed his masonry from day one and has attended the lodge on every possible occasion. His proposer, David England reports that he has asked every conceivable question prior to his third, and of course David told him absolutely nothing, apart from the answers to the traditional questions he is asked during his ceremony.

The W.M. Keith Bateman was fully up to speed with the ritual and looked very comfortable in the chair, his demeanour and style is very relaxed and positive. Just what his officers and brethren of the Lodge need to see from their W.M. The rest of the officers delivered a typical first class Pendle Lodge ceremony, and they should be very proud of their performance on the night. I don’t think I’ve seen it done any better.

Pendle Lodge Officers for Third Degree February 2016
L-R Jack Thompson, Mark Barlow, Keith Bateman W.M. Ritchie Smith, Glyn Lund, Ken Smith, Ian Duxbury, Roy Langtree DC.

We did have a couple of occasions which raised a laugh, one of which being the candle ejecting itself from its holder just at the point of the gavel. It looked every bit part of the ceremony as far as Ritchie was concerned. So much so the DC is thinking of keeping it in, although I doubt Keith could ever do it again.

The social board was as ever a jovial affair with visitors and masters joining us for  dinner and by the time all the toasts had been given and responded too it was quite late. The evening ended with a bumper raffle and a happy bunch of Freemasons looking forward to their next meeting.

2 thoughts on “Candle Caper during Third Degree

  1. Thank you Bob for the kind comments. As this was my first full ceremony I was very apprehensive. However receiving praise from my peers in the form of the past Master’s means a great deal. There might have been a few wrong words and the odd prompt but all in all I enjoyed it.


    1. Well you certainly didnt look or sound apprehensive. You did a really good job and have set the bar quite high for the rest of the year. Good luck wih the next two ceremonies.


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