Dancing on the Chairs at Pendle Ladies Evening

IMGP1450Pendle Lodges Ladies Evening was a sensational success, keeping the tradition of honoring our ladies with an evening devoted to them in all their finery. After greetings and photographs the hosts Carole and Keith Bateman joined the guests to a sumptuous meal in The Merlin Suite at the Rolls Royce social Club in Barnoldswick.

The Master of Ceremonies W.Bro. Roy Langtree conducted the traditional toasts with the members of the Lodge and their ladies plus the guests in taking wine with the W.M. and his Lady. After the meal W.Bro Ken Smith proposed the toast to the ladies followed by W.Bro John Hudson who sang the lady’s song. It was well received albeit not in the correct order of things. He presented the flowers to the wardens ladies in reverse order and complained that nobody was standing up and joining in the chorus. He cued the DJ to continue the music who immediately lost it. John gave the toast to Mrs Carole Bateman and received a roar of appreciation and applause from the audience.

“our guests said it was the best one they had been to”

Then the highlite of the evening was Mrs Carole Bateman who gave the response to the ladies toast It was very much from the heart and enjoyed by all those present. It was followed by the song “I did it my way” after which Flowers were presented by Bro Darren Haigh to Mrs Carole Bateman on behalf of the members of Pendle Lodge.

“and a Chip Butty before the doo; well that gets my vote”

The entertainment got off to a great start with the song “Amore” sung by the entertainer for the evening Gavin Young, which resulted in the top table and a large proportion of the room singing along standing on their chairs and waiting napkins in the air in time to the music. The party atmosphere continued till way after midnight with it all coming to an end far to soon. It was a great night enjoyed by all those who attended.

 “The atmosphere was terrific, the food very good, the beer at £2.80 a pint and a bottle of wine at £12.00; brilliant prices”

Special thanks to Ian Salthouse for the editorial and images from the evening.

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2 thoughts on “Dancing on the Chairs at Pendle Ladies Evening

  1. Bro. Jez Thornton was well and truly raised last night. Superb ceremony in the true tradition of Pendle Lodge. Congratulations to all who took part.


  2. Superb photos of a superb evening. Many thanks again to Ian for giving up his time to do this.
    The evening went so quickly and I hope and believe that everyone there enjoyed it as much as Carole and I.
    Thanks again for all those who made it such a memorable evening.
    Carole and Keith Bateman.


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