Few tweeks to the website.

launch new websiteTook the opportunity recently to review the website and tidy up one or two pages . Surprisingly the site has been running now since 2009 and is probably in need of a service or some such. Made a slight change to the standard Fonts and also the links that direct you to the latest Summons and Minutes on the Correspondence page. Its served us well over the past 6-7 years and even produced a few candidates for us via the application page.

I would welcome your input into any changes you would like to see. There have been several good ideas over the years from various members which have been implemented and I’m looking for more. If you don’t know; we have a Pendle Lodge Facebook Page and a Twitter Feed, so we are very visible on social media as well as the internet. What would be good is if we could attract a few more contributors to the website. Bro Ian Duxbury our current J.D. has access to the website and has posted several articles regarding his early E.A. days. If you are pretty familiar with word and can process the odd image or two then you would find this website very familiar and easy to embrace. It’s a lot of fun and certainly increases your web-based skills.

Drop me a line on the contact page or just open your mouth next time you see me.

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