Lessons in Ancient Freemasonry

CAM_5489W.Bro Ivan Eastwood is well know in the Burnley and Pendle District, and also way beyond our borders, for his knowledge and interest in Ancient Freemasonry and its origins. So when it was announced that Pendle Lodge would be presenting a lecture by W.Bro Eastwood entitled “Ancient Freemasonry in East Lancashire” there was a surge of interest in attending the April meeting.

The brethren gathered in greater numbers for the lecture and it was a joy to see the lodge room filled almost to capacity, possibly the first time since our move to Colne Masonic Hall. The business of the meeting was swiftly dispatched and W,Bro Eastwood kicked off his lecture. I’m sure a huge portion of it was from memory and I especially liked his wry comments and additions to the written words with his personal point of view. He mentioned Freemasonry’s tercentenary which is coming up in 2017 and went on to suggest we had already passed it by a century or so. It was all-compelling stuff and had everyone spell-bound by its content. It was over all too soon leaving lots of questions unanswered and scope for more discussion in the social board.



The Tyler W.Bro Ian Salthouse proposed a new candidate into Pendle Lodge and Bro Keith Bateman W.M. seconded the proposal, and with a fair wind we hope to be initiating our latest brother in September.

The social board ended with a raffle which raised over £100 for ELMC and a happy bunch of Pendle Lodge brethren and visitors.

Next month we have a Raising Ceremony with a full closing and the Traditional History.

2 thoughts on “Lessons in Ancient Freemasonry

  1. thank you for the emails Bro,, now retired and disabled i am no longer able to attend lodge meeting and this is a very good way of keeping up to date with my mother lodge . i really do enjoy it thank you Bro . my best wishes to ALL at Brierfield Lodge


  2. Fantastic read is this in order for me to share please
    Good luck
    Ernie Roberts
    Harmonic lodge 252


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