Season finale for Bro Jezz Thornton

jezzthorntonthumbnailThe Third step in Freemasonry is by far the largest and most memorable; with the ceremony of raising being both a spectacular and hair-raising experience. To say there is a lot of work involved in learning ritual and practicing the movement on the floor would be an understatement. However, Bro Jezz Thornton experienced what was the finest display of Third Degree Ritual we have seen in Pendle Lodge for some time. It wasn’t just the W.M who was on form but his entire team of officers, and congratulations must go to all of them for an outstanding team performance.

The Lodge was well supported with brethren from 5 different Lodges in attendance including the District Chairman W.Bro Paul Thornton and the Royal Arch District Officer W.Bro Trevor Thomas, plus the majority of Pendle Lodge members.

Bro.  Jezz Thornton has taken his time getting to Master Mason, and that’s how it should be. He is now comfortably positioned to take up his role as Master Mason and extend his knowledge and workings as such.

“I had no idea the ceremony was so dramatic”  – Jezz Thornton

We had a surprise visit from Bro Kevin Pickering all the way from Thailand on a return home visit to Burnley. Kevin attained the position of Junior Deacon in the Lodge before leaving for the warmer climate, and he kept a watchful eye on the two current Deacons to ensure his high standards were being maintained.

Bro Jezz Thornton Third Degree
l-r Bro Jezz Thornton, W.Bro Walter Coupe, Bro Keith Bateman W.M. Bro Darren Haigue, W.Bro Roy Langtree D.C. Bro. Ian Duxbury J.D. and W.Bro Jack Thompson S.D.

Once again the candle misbehaved itself and threw itself to the floor but by far the biggest sigh of relief was from the Director of Ceremonies W.Bro Roy Langtree who had almost nothing to do during the evenings ceremony, he didn’t stop smiling all night. The Social Board as ever was a raucous affair with lots of laughter and taking of wine. The Toast’s were all honored and received with good humor. The famous Pendle Lodge numbers raffle raised well over £100.00 on the night, all of which will be going to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity.

It was a great finale to the end of the masonic season for Pendle Lodge.

4 thoughts on “Season finale for Bro Jezz Thornton

  1. As WM and Gez being my candidate I hoped that the ceremony would be a good one. I knew that I had the words and hoped they came out in the right order but a big thank you is sent to everyone else in the team. W Bro. Mark Barlow was brilliant as usual as Junior Warden. W Bro.Jack Thompson as Senior Deacon and his rendition of the traditional history was again second to none. Bro.Ian Duxbury as Junior Deacon carried out his duties with his usual precision (even though he wasn’t quick enough to prevent the shield falling from the candle). W. Bro Jack Day as a last minute stand in as IPM kept my feet on the ground. The Inner Guard was perfect as you would expect from W Bro. Summers. Even the Tyler was good and for once we didn’t have to look at W Bro. Christie’s stern face. Above all a special mention for Bro. Glyn Lund. Very nervous before the ceremony but once again he showed that he is good at the job and that he has no worries for next year as WM. Thanks to all the team again and I am glad that Gez enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to completing the three ceremonies in September with the initiation of W Bro. Salthouse’s candidate. I hope the ceremony is as good as the last.

    Glad everyone enjoyed it and I hope all have a good recess.

    WM Keith Bateman


  2. To all the brethren of Pendle lodge once again many thanks for a great and special evening, the ceremony was beyond my expectations and reinforced my decision to become a Mason. I’m now looking forward to many many years of Freemasonry and believe that I belong to the best lodge in the Province of East Lancashire.


  3. Well done guys, it was a memorable night for Jezz and those involved in the ceremony. To see it so well done with a closing in full from the third degree is a real treat, and Jack’s rendition of the Traditional History made it a long but very enjoyable masonic meeting.
    Looking forward to September now.


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