Welcome back to Pendle Lodge

kevin-pickering-iconAfter a couple of years away in Thailand; Kevin Pickering returns to the UK and picks up where he left off  in Pendle Lodge. It was a real joy to see him back amongst the brethren. He breezed in at the October meeting and typically got stuck into his freemasonry as if he had never been away.

I remember him being a member of Chapter, Knights Templar and the 1759 masonic demonstration team, of which he was sorely missed.

Welcome back Kevin, It’s good to have you with us again.

2 thoughts on “Welcome back to Pendle Lodge

  1. Yes big welcome back Kevin you have been missed by all the members and indeed our crew of four, you me Ian and Glyn welcome back pal.
    All the very best for the future Mark.


  2. Yes, welcome back Kev, it went downhill the day you left. Glad to have you back, you can show all the new members how to give the sign properly.
    Best wishes.


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