Final meeting for Nelson Chapter 2193

cam_0133The final meeting of any lodge or chapter is usually a well-attended occasion, for all the wrong reasons, and Nelson Chapters final meeting was pretty much the same.  A sombre atmosphere could be felt among the companions present but those in office made the effort to attend early for a 5:30 pm practice and to make sure the ceremonial went like clockwork.

“Consecrated on 26th August 1925 at St Marys School in Nelson, the first MEZ was Henry Holden of Barrowford, H was Thomas James Fryer of Nelson and J was Frank Stonehouse of Nelson”

The representative of the ME Grand Superintendent was Ex Comp David J Halford, PGStB, Third Provincial Grand Principal. It was David who had the responsibility of receiving the Charter and officially ending the existence of Nelson Chapter.

The First Principal E. Comp Bryon Lingard welcomed the representative and conducted the usual minutes and communications of the Chapter, and at this point, normal Chapter ceremonial took a different route with Ex Comp Bryon Lingard declaring E Comp Keith P Schofield PGStB as the First Principal, Ex Comp Schofield then reaffirmed his obligation and declared all those members in Office as Officers of the Chapter.

“Associated with Queens Jubilee Craft Lodge No 2193 the Chapter has proved to be a vibrant well-structured and supported chapter since its consecration”

Ex Comp David J Halford PGStB Third Provincial Grand Principal
Ex Comp Halford. Third Provincial Grand Principal

A brief history of Nelson Chater was presented by Ex Comp Schofield which brought back many memories for those who have been long serving members of the Chapter.  The Charter had been removed from its frame prior to the meeting and it was at this point that the representative Ex Comp David Halford received the Charter from the First Principal.

Ex Comp Halford gave a very thought provoking response and mentioned that although it was always a sad affair to close down any Lodge or Chapter, we should always take the opportunity to remember the positive memories from the Chapter and the good times that we enjoyed. He made special mention of the positive outcomes of the closing and hoped that all the companions had found or would find a new Chapter to join and to continue to enjoy Royal Arch Masonry well into the future.

“Many of its early meetings were at the Lord Nelson Hotel until a move in 1952 to Nelson Masonic Hall  on Bradshaw Street.  Its final move to Colne Masonic Hall being in 2014”

Ex Comp Halford then extinguished the Candles for the final time whilst Companions and visitors gathered in the South in two columns and solemnly left the Chapter room.

Members of Nelson Chapter and Companions who attended the closure meeting.


5 thoughts on “Final meeting for Nelson Chapter 2193

  1. Interesting to read the report of the last meeting of Nelson Chapter 2193, and some happy companions in the photos in spite of the nature of the evening.
    I found the evening interesting and enjoyable, and having been involved in a Lodge “amalgamation” back in 2006, Noyna 6447, it brought back a few memories.
    The one real positive for me is the fact that it seems that the majority of the Chapter members are continuing their RA involvement. I wish everyone continued enjoyment of their RA careers in whichever Chapter they have joined but in particular those that are joining Cana Chapter.
    Cana is approaching it’s 250th in 2019, so there are interesting times ahead, and to have such a boost to our membership is a big plus.
    I am sure all the Companions at Cana will make our new joining members welcome, and there is a good opportunity on Wednesday 16th November to amply demonstrate this, at Cana Chapter’s next meeting.
    Here’s to the future !!

    EC Mike Squires
    Cana Chapter 116
    1st Principal


    1. Here’s a bit of good news Mike. One of Pendle Lodge Members has signed up to become a Royal Arch Mason, and he will be joining Cana Chapter in November this year.


  2. I fully understand the feelings as I was Scribe E of Cannon Chapter 1539 who used to meet at Clerkenwell Masonic Ctr when we had to return our warrant due to falling numbers.
    It’s a shame but that’s life.
    Mick Mitchell


    1. The good news is that all of the Companions of Nelson Chapter are moving to either Abbey Chapter who meet in Whalley or Cana Chapter who meet in Colne and is one of the oldest warranted chapters in the world.


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