Bro. Glyn Lund Installed as W.M.

glyn-thumbnailIt always starts at 3:30 pm in the afternoon, just so we can get all the work completed in a reasonable time and everyone gets home. Not that that is the first thing on everyone’s mind at Installation. Many of the brethren had work and ritual to deliver whilst most have a great afternoon of masonic spectacle to enjoy. And so it was at the recent Pendle Lodge Installation where Bro Glyn Lund was Installed most ably by the Installing Master W.Bro Keith Bateman.

It was a pleasure to welcome V.W. Bro Nigel Graham Bramley Haworth as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master. It had been a few years since he was last with us but we took the opportunity to remind him of when that was and how much of a good time he had had with us.

The ceremony of Installation went very well with only the tea and biscuits letting us down at call off.

Our Festive board was well received and certainly very well delivered by our caterer and a full evening of merriment and toasting was enjoyed by all those present.

l-r Bro. Ian Duxbury S.D. Bro Ritchie Smith I.G. W.Bro Roy Langtree D.C. Bro Glyn Lund W.M. W.Bro. Keith Bateman I.P.M. W.Bro Mark Barlow Ass.D.C. and W.Bro Ian Salthouse J.D.

The officers for 2016-17 are a capable lot and are more than looking forward to their year in office.

Congratulations to them all.

2 thoughts on “Bro. Glyn Lund Installed as W.M.

  1. Kevin, I can only take pictures of those who make themselves available. I did ask the DC and the WM to assemble all the officers for the picture. Im sorry you didn’t appear.


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