Ken Smith – Obituary

cam_4796W.Bro Brian Ingham asked me to copy his words to the website for the benefit of those who knew W.Bro Ken Smith and also as a reminder of the man we all knew and loved.



Ken and I were close friends united by our membership of Pendle Lodge which he loved and cared for dearly. He was born in the same year as I was – but some months earlier 28/2/33 – a fact I never let him forget! At the time of joining Pendle Lodge he worked at Joseph Lucas where he became factory Training Manager.

He was proposed into Pendle Lodge by Bro. Harold Eastwood and seconded by W.Bro Jim Heap. He was initiated on 8/9/77, passéd on 12/1/78, raised on 18/4/78. His enthusiasm and dedication were immediately apparent. He progressed through the chairs in 1984, 1985, becoming W.M. in 1986, being installed by W. Bro. Harry Lord PPJGW with whom he became firm friends right up to his death.

His mastership was fulfilled with distinction, being noted for his grasp of ceremonial and proper bearing in the Lodge. A deserved promotion to PPDG Swd Br.
ensued. He continued to involve himself in Pendle Lodge, especially with Junior Brethren whom he guided with ceremonial and much encouragement, becoming an “inspiration”. He readily stepped in to fill in other offices when necessary and he was a “natural” for ADC and DC.

He involved himself in the social life of the lodge and we will always remember his singing at the installation and at Ladies Evenings especially, which added finishing touches to the occasions. A founder member of the Riff Raff Club and Pendle Lodge Musicians Union which enlivened our Social Boards.

There were other sides to Ken; a man of many talents, his early passion was sport: diving, distance running and cycling and later walking, especially in company with W. Bro Lord or his wife Joan. Joan was, I am sure, the inspiration for his developing his artistic talents. No mean artist herself in painting and ceramics – being involved in this prompted Ken to develop wood-carving skills to a high standard – I am sure that many brethren have pieces of their artistic endeavours decorating their homes.

Most of all Ken was a family man; his care for and regard for Joan so evident to all, as was his relationships with his children: when they needed something Ken was there and when they were happy Ken was happy.

Engineer, manager, artist, family man, a man of influence. We will all miss him, but we will all be grateful to have known him and that in various degrees he became part of our life and a valued brother of Pendle Lodge as well as Pendleside Lodge of Inst.Masters, and other degrees to which other brethren may wish to pay tribute.

W..Bro. Brian Kay Ingham P.P.J.G.W.

I spend some time looking through my many pictures of Pendle Lodge events and ceremonies and discovered a few of Ken Smith going back to 2002 when he was in charge of the Junior Brethren Demonstration team. The image was taken at Amacitia Lodge near Twickenham London. Look at those young junior brethren.

I had a lot of fun going through the pictures and it certainly brought back a lot of fond memories of Ken and the things he would get up to, Hope you enjoy them.



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