Lecture on the future of ritual

WBro Neville Barker CryerNot a very busy meeting in February, but then again there is always the minutes and communications to get through, and if you present them slowly it does make an interesting list of actions and activities from the district and province.

The lecture for the evening was one written by WBro Neville Barker Cryer, who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago at the Let’s Speak Masonry Conference. “The Future of Masonic Ritual” It was delivered by our very own WBro John Hudson, and very ably too.

w-bro-john-hudsonIt looked at the very core of our masonic craft, our ritual, and went on to explore the desire of some masons not to be involved with this aspect, and also reviewed the opposite side of the argument and discussed those masons whose very soul was meant to perform the ceremonial side of our craft. It sparked off a couple of questions from the brethren and even roused some conversation at the social board. Just as a good lecture should do.

A very pleasant evening was had enjoying our craft and learning together.

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