Ladies Evening Pictures

iconcam_2140Here are the pictures from the Pendle Lodge Ladies Evening. Please share this post with those guests who attended and had a great evening. Click on any of the images and it will open in another window. You can then navigate left or right to view other pictures with your keyboard or mouse. click on x to return to the main screen.

Had a lot of fun taking your pictures so please enjoy them. If anyone wants a HiRes version just let me know by clicking here and indicate the picture numbers you want sending.

4 thoughts on “Ladies Evening Pictures

  1. Great photos of a great evening. Thanks Glyn and Sue for the evening and thanks Bob for the great photos.


  2. OK, that’s all of the pictures from the Ladies Evening processed and uploaded. Had a lot of fun taking them. If anyone would prefer their picture not to appear then let me know via the contact page.


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