Over 300 years of Masonic Ritual

by Martin GandoffThis book by Martin Gandoff celebrates the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Premier Grand Lodge in June 1717, by reviewing the basis of our workings from the earliest records to the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England in December 1813 and further. It addresses such important questions as: What is the Craft of Freemasonry and where did it come from? How was it practiced from 1200 to 1700? Why was the Premier Grand Lodge formed? What effects did it have on the organisation and practice of Freemasonry? How and why has our ritual changed over the years? This fascinating work painstakingly presents a wealth of the available historical evidence, putting into context masonic ritual practice with the events and culture of the time. At the same time, it provides intriguing insights, observations and subjects for contemplation along the way. This book is a must have for any mason who has an interest in the rituals of Craft masonry and even supplies descriptions of many ritual variations practiced throughout England. The complete story of the Craft Ritual of Freemasonry from the earliest records to the present day.

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3 thoughts on “Over 300 years of Masonic Ritual

  1. Well, I have just ordered mine from DMC regalia in Longridge. Should be a good read, what with it being our Tercentenary and all that. Let you know.


    1. Spent an interesting couple of weeks reading this new book. It was hard going at first, but the “pause for thought” sections where the author invited you to think about his comment and observations proved invaluable. The entire book was littered with these pauses and opportunities to stop and think about the previous chapter or paragraph.
      The book described in major detail the perceived origins of ritual and how it was likely formed by operative masons right through to the joining of the two Grand Lodges in 1717 and up to the mid 20th Century.
      The best bit is the recommended readings section in chapter 11 and the website links that the author used to amass lots of information.
      No big surprises revealed but a nice clear explanation as to how the ritual we have today came to be.
      Well worth a read.


      1. Another thing worth mentioning. As a member of the East Lancs 1759 ritual demonstration team. I was amazed at how many of the phrases and actions we perform in the demonstration are actually from the old charges and ancient ritual, and mentioned in this book. Goes to show our script is a good representation of the ritual at that date. Really surprised to have come across it.


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