Ancient First Degree Performance at Colne Lodge 4402

The next performance by the 1759 ancient ritual demonstration team will take place at Colne Lodge 4402 on the 8th May. The Lodge Tyles at 7:00 at Colne Masonic Hall.

You are assured of a marvellous lesson in ancient ritual and a visual spectacle of regalia and attire from the mid 18th Century

If you haven’t seen the team perform then this is a great opportunity to do so. Seating is limited so please make your intentions known asap to the Secretary of Colne Lodge W.Bro Tony Medley on 01282 867250 or email him

The Cost of the meal and performance is representative of the period at £6.50 each.

4 thoughts on “Ancient First Degree Performance at Colne Lodge 4402

  1. Apologies for not attending the social board after the show but I had an early start in the morning. I honestly thought that the cast delivered their finest performance to date, with everything coming across clear and audible within the Lodge room. There was enough humour to make it entertaining and plenty of quality ritual to make it interesting. Well done chaps. Very proud to be part of the crew.


    1. This was a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking insight into Freemasonry, and many congratulations to all the Brethren taking part.


  2. Practice has been taking place for several weeks now and the team are probably up to speed as much as they can be. Don’t want to be over rehearsed. Looking forward to donning the wig and stockings again for the performance. Break a leg everybody


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