Pendleside 9111 and The Indivisible Link

Sounds Interesting, and it was. The lecture delivered by a team from Roses Lodge 5140 kept the members of Pendleside Lodge of Installed masters fully entertained during the August meeting. The usual business was quickly despatched and those not attending the Installation meeting were invested and seated in their rightful offices.

Colne Masonic Lodge room isn’t that big, so to have in excess of 38 members attending was a bit of a squeeze especially when many had to be re-seated so that we could all view the screen and see the presentation. The lecture was focused on the link between the Craft and the Royal Arch and it went on to show some of the obvious links and the not so obvious, which was by far the most intriguing. It was well presented by the team from Roses Lodge and much welcomed by the Pendleside members.

The Almoner’s report from Bro Thomas brought everything back into perspective and reminded us all of our outcomes and the destination we would all eventually reach.

The social board was a noisy affair as Roses Lodge had brought a dozen or so visitors in support of their team. It certainly added to the camaraderie at the festive board. The dinner of Roast Beef, potatoes and Veg was welcomed by all and was presented in the usual fashion by Maureen, our master chef and creator of all things good.



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