J.W. exhalted into Cana.

Cana Chapters ritual is famous for being ancient and very different from most other chapters. Well, that’s not a surprise really as its one of the oldest warranted chapters still in existence today.  The exaltation workings is very much recognisable but the opening and closing of the Chapter bears no resemblance to anything else worked in other Chapters. Perhaps that’s one of the attraction to join the Royal Arch in Colne. Well, that’s what I suggested to Ian Duxbury. The recently invested Junior Warden of Pendle Lodge.

It was a pleasure to see Ian taking a very important step in his Masonic journey. So much so that friends from North Wales and other provinces attended the meeting to offer their support. We had a great meeting followed by a welcomed social board. Ian is the second companion to join Cana Chapter in recent months the other being Companion Muhammad Khawaja, the lodge looks like it is on track to welcome more members in the near future.


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