J.W. – Shocked by tracing board

Pendle Lodge enjoyed their March meeting with an explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board. This part of the first-degree journey is always presented within a couple of months of a new candidate being initiated, and this month we had the pleasure of explaining its features and lessons to two new brethren. The W.M. Roy Langtree, who is adept at delivering both tracing boards once again performed his magic and delivered the rendition with ease. At one point, the JW who was responsible for prompting Roy was shocked to find that the words in his book didn’t match what Roy was reciting, and realised it was the long version of the First Degree Explanation that was being given and was not in the ritual book in front of him. On one or two occasions Roy paused for breath and even paused to take a sip of water. You should have seen the look on the J.W. face, thinking that a prompt was required and knowing full well he was unable to respond. Alas, all was well and the J.W. gave a huge sigh of relief when the ritual returned to that in his book.

Our caterer served up a dish of comfort food in sausage, mash and peas which were well received. The last two spare sausages being claimed by the stewards as payment for serving the food. Peter Christie performed his numbers raffle which raised a princely sum of £89.00, it was another good night of Masonic ritual and friendship.

3 thoughts on “J.W. – Shocked by tracing board

  1. Not the best rendition I’ve ever done but got most of it. If any Brother fancies taking this on , be my guest but its a lot of ritual so maybe I’ll be doing it for the foreseeable future.


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