Super Trooper Ladies Evening for Queens Jubilee

Dave and Val Liversidge pulled out all the stops for a  magical Queens Jubilee Lodge Ladies Evening at the Rendezvous Hotel Skipton.  The hotel has been regularly used by Queens Jubilee over the years and provides just the right combination of entertainment and dining. Many guests choosing to stay overnight and push the boat out.

Around 70 guests and ladies attended the evening and were treated to an excellent meal and entertainment. The DC swiftly moved through the protocol of the evening and Val delivered a much-acclaimed response to the Junior Wardens toast to the Ladies. The Ladies Song was delivered by Douglas Rice-Bowen who raised the roof with his spectacular voice and performance.

Val and David had booked the talents of Bjorn Again, a very successful ABBA Tribute band who entertained the happy ensemble throughout the rest of the evening. It’s surprising how many ABBA songs you really know, almost everyone danced or sang along to the group. The evening didn’t really end but slowed down around 1:00 a.m. fading into the night with the last party goes retiring around 4:00 am after a lengthy spell at the bar.

It was a special night and many thanks go to the W.M. David Liversidge and Val for their hard work in providing us all with a great evening.

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2 thoughts on “Super Trooper Ladies Evening for Queens Jubilee

  1. What a smashing set of photos from what looks like a great night . So nice to see these – thanks. John

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