Young Josh hits the big time.

Joshua AshworthI know we refer to him as young Josh, but his maturity and self-assurance don’t reflect his age what so ever. Joshua was raised to the third degree with as much pomp and ceremonial as could be mustered by the brethren of Pendle Lodge, and believe me they put on a good show on any given day.


He never flinched during the answering of his questions and his demeanour around the lodge was exemplary.  A fine example of a young Master Mason for the future of the Lodge and Freemasonry. His work causes him some attendance problems but we fully understand, you cant attend everything. This Freemasonry is a long game.

We had a good time at the social board and everyone was aware of the fact that the season for Pendle Lodge was coming to a close. We had had a great year and Joshua and brought it to a magnificent close. Perhaps we should stop calling him young Josh.



3 thoughts on “Young Josh hits the big time.

  1. You are a credit to yourself, Joshua. Congratulations on becoming a Master Mason and conducting yourself so ably around the lodge on the night. I know its a big step and the ceremony is awe inspiring. You did extremely well.


    1. Really sorry I missed your Raising Josh.
      Unfortunately away in Scotland.
      Congratulations anyway, I’m sure you did yourself proud, as you always do.


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