Steve Jansen – the winner did it in 32 minutes!

Steve Comments on his very recent 10K run., “I had run the Manchester 10k three times previously, but the last was 8 years ago. To keep fit, I had started running again in February building up to 10k most weekends. Seeing the run advertised, I registered to give me the incentive to continue running and also the opportunity to raise money for a local charity. I chose Pendleside Hospice and raised £145 in total.

I set myself a target of running the 10k in under an hour. The morning of the run was very hot and humid, and the route was grueling, to say the least, with lots of inclines. I think it was harder than Manchester’s route or maybe being older takes its toll. Anyway, I did the run in 59 mins and

50 secs. But to put it in perspective the winner did it in 32 minutes!

Would I do it again? yes! The atmosphere and support from the spectators whilst running was fabulous.”

2 thoughts on “Steve Jansen – the winner did it in 32 minutes!

  1. Well done Steve, a very respectable time and coming in at a fraction over 6 mph. Good going for a young ‘un.
    Mike squires


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