Steve & Lyn’s Pendle Lodge Ladies Evening

The 1882 Lounge at Burnley Football Club proved to be a really good choice for Steve and Lyn’s Pendle Lodge Ladies Evening. On Saturday 9th March the members of Pendle Lodge along with friends and Ladies enjoyed a wonderful night of friendship, dining and dancing. The format was changed somewhat to get the official toast to the Ladies delivered and responded to, along with the Ladies song. It worked really well in that all the nerves had disappeared by the time the first course was upon us and the taking of wine had commenced.

Burnley Football, Club serves excellent meals at good value for money, and tonight’s meal was just that, no complaints from the roast beef and sticky toffee pudding fans. It was a joy to meet up with so many friends and ladies again and to be introduced to a possible new candidate to the fraternity, who were attending their first Masonic Social event.

I think the pictures show we all had a great night, please enjoy. If you want a Hi-Res version of your picture just request one here

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