No, I mean it went really well

The Passing ceremony to the second degree went really well. No, I mean it went really well. There was some change to the senior officers what with the Worshipful Master being away on business, so our DC Keith Bateman stepped into the WM chair to deliver what is his most favourite ceremony and the Assistant DC stepped up to the office of DC. The Senior Warden and Junior Warden, both being experienced Masons comfortably filled their respective offices and the Senior Deacon, whose role it was to direct the candidate round the lodge was non-other than W.Bro Ian Salthouse, another very capable member of Pendle Lodge.

Bro James Kirk answered his questions with ease and the whole ceremony of being passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft went without a hitch. Perambulation on the floor, ritual, and all the signs were as good as they have always been. The Junior Warden W.Bro Mark Barlow delivered an exemplary rendition of the working tools in the second degree, and in Pendle Lodge that means the long version. Its a really nice piece of work.  W.Bro Jack Thomson gave the charge in the second degree and finished off the ceremonial on a high.

It was a joy to watch the members of Pendle Lodge produce a first-rate ceremony of passing. Those officers involved are to be congratulated for not only doing the work expected of their station but also those members who stepped up to the mark and delivered above what was required of them..

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