Christmas Greetings from the W.M.

As we once again approach possibly the biggest celebration of the year, I encourage each and every Freemason to demonstrate those admirable qualities of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth to all those less fortunate than ourselves. Although difficult in these most unusual times, it’s not impossible.

Merry Christmas

Ian Duxbury W.M.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings from the W.M.

  1. Happy New Year to you W.M, and all the Brethren of Pendle Lodge. Keep safe and here’s to our next meeting whenever that may be.
    W Brother Lund.


  2. Many thanks Worshipful Master for your kind and encouraging greetings at this time of year; and what a year !!
    As a body of men and a Brotherhood, in the most positive of senses, we must continue to look after ourselves, our families and friends, whilst at the same time serving the wider community of which we are an important part. The word community I know will strike a chord with all of us, and, as difficult a year as this has been, and will continue for some time yet, we have and will continue to step up to the mark and do whatever we can.
    To all my friends in Pendle Lodge, let’s hope we can meet again soon, and for now a Happy and safe Christmas to you and your families, and a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
    Thank you Worshipful Master

    WB Mike Squires and Sue and all our family.


  3. Thank WM for the Christmas card. May all the brethren and their families have a great Christmas and a prosperous New year.

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