Mad dash to learn the odd piece of ritual

Despite a crazy few days of turmoil and many members having to change office, plus a mad dash to learn the odd bit of ritual, it all went surprisingly well. Of course, our Candidate Robert Bailey know nothing of such things and enjoyed his initiation ceremony without much ado. Although from the look on his face at the odd point you could have questioned that. Robbie, as he is known applied to join Freemasonry just as the pandemic hit, so has been waiting for his initiation for almost 18 months. It didn’t curb his enthusiasm whatsoever, and he even joined us many times on the zoom platform to keep in touch with everyone.

His ceremony was a seat of the pants affair with almost every office being occupied by members who could deliver the specific part of the first degree ritual. For instance the JW took up JD roll and as well as conducting the candidate in the Lodge he also delivered the North East corner section of the ritual. Talk about being in two places at once. Mark Barlow, a re-joining member, took up post as JW and explained the working tools, whilst the IPM floated in office and acted as Tyler as and when required. The DC conducted the Lodge from the inner guards post and again acted in both offices throughout the ceremony. Whilst the Secretary John Hudson moved from his desk to occupy the SW chair.

l-r Bro James Kirk, WBro. Jack Thompson, WBro David England, WBro. John Hudson, Bro Robert Bailey, Bro. Ian Duxbury, WBro Paul Hartley, WBro Ian Salthouse, WBro Mark Barlow, WBro Brian Ingham

It worked really well, and was probably the most relaxed initiation ceremony from Pendle Lodge that I have ever seen. Maybe this is the way forward in ritual. Deliver what you are good at. All the candidate experienced was a first class ceremony with quite a few people moving around the lodge.

The social board was also a first for the members as we had our very first meal from our new caterer. Everything went well and the food was lovely, nothing but positive comments from everyone.

The usual toasts and proposals were delivered by the Worshipful Master Bro Ian Duxbury and Robert Bailey our newly made brother responded to his toast. We were a bit thin on the ground at the festive board due to several members not being up to returning to Masonry just quite yet, but they will return.

Pendle Lodge has a good 12 months of ceremonies and Ritual to deliver in the coming year along with two more candidates, three passing ceremonies and five raisings.

Special thanks to our two visitors from Colne Lodge, we will come back to visit you in the near future.

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