Installation went well.

Pendle Lodge is slowly recovering from the pandemic and the majority of its members are now returning to Lodge meetings. It was especially good to see W.Bro Jack Day in the Lodge room. At our recent meeting W.Bro. Ian Duxbury was proclaimed the Worshipful Master for the coming year. There was no major ceremonial work just an effective declaration from the Director of Ceremonies that this was so.

The WM reappointed his officers back into their respective office for another 12 months and all was good in the Lodge. We had several Stewards to appoint, which reflects very well for the future of the lodge. In fact, we have two more candidates to initiate in the coming months.

There followed a series of reports from the Almoner and Mentor, plus an interesting Charity report on the forthcoming charity festival from Bro James Kirk, this was even mentioned by the Representative of the Right Worshipful Grand Master W.Bro Philip Mountford in his response later in the evening. I must admit James did an excellent job in delivering the information he has to convey. Our Festival of St John was the more full Installation affair, with the whole taking of wine and toasts and speeches to various officers, John Hudson sang his traditional Masters Song to the WM accompanied by our master of the keys W.Bro Brian Ingham. No idea what we would do without him. It did go on a bit late, as they normally do, but what a wonderful evening we all had.

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