Rare ceremony for Pendle Lodge

It’s not every day you get to see a Lewis initiated by his father.

W.Bro Jack Thompson had the great honour of initiating his son Barrie Thompson into Pendle Lodge. It’s a rare thing indeed to see this happen and it must have been a wonderful experience. Congratulations to them both.

It is traditional that Pendle Lodge has a quick opening and closing at their Christmas December Lodge so that they can sit down to dine as early as possible, however, nobody complained on this occasion as everyone was happy to see this ceremony. The WM Ian Duxbury was more than happy to relinquish his chair so that WBro Jack Thompson could deliver the ceremony.

The brethren that did attend the Christmas Dinner included the son of the WM Martin Duxbury along with a Gentleman visitor and two ex members of Pendle Lodge. It was great to see Jim and Tony back in the Lodge room after several years. You never know they may want to rejoin.

The meal from our caterer was excellent and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the port on offer to go with the cheese board. The WM Ian Duxbury and WBro Glyn Lund regailed us of a few of their well-chosen Lancashire dialect monologues which boosted the festivities whilst we listened to traditional Christmas carols in the background.

All in all a rather splendid December meeting and Christmas dinner was had by all.

5 thoughts on “Rare ceremony for Pendle Lodge

  1. Great night, congratulations to Jack for a splendid ceremony and a big Pendle welcome to Bro Barrie Thompson.


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