Raised at last.

After what seemed far too long to wait Brother James Kirk was finally raised to the third degree at Pendle Lodges February meeting. The main delay was of course Covid plus the fact we managed to attract three new candidates, and it was decided to initiate them before James’s third.

What became obvious quite early in our first practice was that we hadn’t performed this ritual for a few years, and everyone was way out of sync. It was clear a lot of hard work would be required to get the officers up to speed and happy with the workings on the floor. James managed to pick up his replies to the questions quite quickly before being asked to retire from the practice. The same couldn’t be said about the rest of us. We really did have to pull out all the stops to learn the ritual and the workings.

Bro James Kirk with officers of Pendle Lodge

After 4 weeks of practice, the ceremony was upon us, and with great expectations from the DC, everything went pretty much according to plan. Everyone who had a role to play really had upped their game and delivered their ritual extremely well. A visitor from Queens Jubilee Lodge, W.Bro Bryon Lingard was drafted in to deliver the charge in the third degree, seeing that he had already performed this at Queens Jubilee Raising ceremony the previous week, he was more than ready to step in.

The Worship Master Bro Ian Duxbury delivered his ritual, and it was a pleasure to see him so ably working the third degree. Our Senior Warden W.Bro Jack Thompson, who is not well at the moment presented the Traditional History in the Third degree to Bro James Kirk. He had to sit during most of the dialogue but managed to stand to explain the signs. All this whilst on his breathing cylinder. He was so determined to perform the duties of the Senior Warden.

We decided not to close in Full from the third degree on this occasion, but leave that ritual to next month. So finally the lodge was closed by virtue and the brethren retired to the social board. It was later than planned and everyone was ready for the Fish and Chips on offer.

The social board was attended by 21 dining members and 6 visitors, four of them from our mother lodge Queens Jubilee. The Raffle was conducted by the DC who managed to coax a healthy £97.00 from the brethren by bribery and the offers of multiple prizes. It worked rather well, and he may be pressed into service again.

It must be said that the lodge officers have worked exceedingly hard over the past 4 months delivering three Initiations, an Installation and a Raising Ceremony. They should be very proud of what they have achieved to date. But don’t rest on your laurels, we have a lot more to do.

2 thoughts on “Raised at last.

  1. All credit to the members of Pendle Lodge for stepping up to the plate. I must try and attend at least one of the forthcoming ceremonies and see the ritual at first hand. Very well described by WB Bob Summers (as always) and I will make the effort to attend. I think the problems encountered with the ritual will be a pretty common one bearing in mind the last 2 years, and will be applicable to most of us. Well done Pendle Lodge.
    WB Mike Squires


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