Finding your way around this website couldn’t be easier as its mostly self-explanatory, but here are a few guidelines to help you.

Pages – these are listed on individual tabs just below the banner image at the top of each page. Click on the page name and it will open a window. Pages can be multi layered with additional pages appearing below the parent page in a separate box. Typically pages are a permanent feature and will contain images and information of a long-term nature. In most instances comments will be switched on and you will find the comments facility box at the bottom of the page. If you want to leave a comment there is a minimum amount of information you have to divulge prior to the comment being accepted. Although you may see your comment on the page the webmaster has to validate the comment before it is visible to everyone on the web.

Picture Galleries – This page contains links to picture gallery posts that will also be found on the News page. The reason they are listed on a separate Gallery page is that the post that contain the pictures will eventually drop off the News page and not be visible. Displaying a separate page not only keeps them in view but also creates a picture history of the Lodge social events. You will see a small image from the gallery and an explanation of the event from which the pictures were taken. Click on the image and the link will take you directly to a slide show and thumbnail gallery of the images. Click on any of the thumbnails and a larger image will open in a separate window. You also have control of the slideshow by holding the cursor on the slideshow until a control panel appears.

Hyperlinks – appear in blue and if you hover the cursor over them a box will appear telling you where the link takes you. A single click will direct you to the linked web page. In some instances an image may also contain a link, the same box will open and give information on the link. You will also find a home page link at the bottom of each page. Clicking on the banner (picture) at the top of any page will also return you to the home page

Recent Posts – A list of  several recent posts is displayed on all pages. You can click on any of these links to be taken to an individual post, they are listed here as being the most recent and they will change as newer posts are added to the website.

Links  – Are displayed as tabs at the top of the page, click on the Links tab and a drop down menu will appear with direct links to other Masonic sites of interest.

Follow News Page – Click on the tab  and sign up for notification of any changes to this website. Register your e-mail address and you receive a personal email informing you of any new posts or articles on this website. It is recommended that if you want the latest news and information from Pendle Lodge you register with the site.

Technical – Log on area for the webmaster to gain access to back of house services and links to for budding website builders. If you are remotely interested in creating your own website then a visit here would be more than useful.

Recent Comments –   There is a list of recent comments made by various commentors from the world-wide web. A small image may also be visible, this is called a Gravatar. An article about Gravatar‘s is listed in the News page. These comments change regularly as more are added to the website.

News Page – The news page is set up to display posts and events or articles of interest.  You can leave comments against any post or page that you find interesting. The page is set to display the first few lines of an article as a teaser. To read the full post click on the title of the post or the continue reading link. Both will take you to the full post and list of comments if any are attached.

Post Subject Matter – All posts on the News page are classed under the various topics “Announcements”, “Charity”, “Fun Stuff” & “Masonic” according to subject matter. You can search all posts using the various categories and all posts in that category will be displayed on the news page.

Password protected – in some cases a page or post may be password protected and you will be asked for a password to gain access. Certain subjects of a private nature pertaining to the business of the Lodge may well be protected in this manner. Just like any other private organisation we do have items of business which are not open to the public at large.  Type in your issued password, remembering it is case specific. Access will be granted if the password is correct. If you have forgotten the password contact the webmaster via the Contact page.

Search Facility – There is a search box to the right of the page. This is a very powerful tool and if you are looking for a particular article or reference just type a search word or phrase into the box and click on the search button. Any article, page or post containing the search word or phrase will be displayed.

Ads by Google – Have now been disabled to conform to UGLE recommendations.

From time to time the layout of the site may change to reflect current trends or make use of a particular facility within the website itself. There is nothing of a complex nature that isn’t self explanatory or simple to use. For instance an event countdown timer may be visible indicating the time to our next social event.

And that’s about it, there are several ways of gaining the same result but there is very little you can do to cause confusion, the site is very easy to navigate.

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