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Why Should Craft Freemasons Join the Royal Arch?

brocompPure ancient Freemasonry, which is composed of Craft Masonry and Royal Arch Masonry, presents the inquiring mind with an inspirational framework for life. Through the lessons presented in the Craft ceremonies, a Freemason is called upon to improve his relationship with his fellows and to practice the three great principles upon which the Craft is founded; brotherly love, relief and truth.

The Royal Arch takes matters further and can be seen to be the superstructure that makes all that has been presented complete and perfect. The ceremony in the Royal Arch is colourful, thought-provoking and uplifting. It is based on the Old Testament legend of the rebuilding of the Temple and invokes, simultaneously, sensations of humility and our dependence on our unseen Creator.

The Royal Arch makes good the promise of ‘recovery’ when what is lost in the Third Degree of Craft Masonry is revealed in a fascinating ceremony. Progress through the Royal Arch completes an individual’s journey through pure ancient Freemasonry.

Craft Masons are, therefore, actively encouraged to become members of the Royal Arch in order to further develop and enrich their understanding of Freemasonry.

Members of the Royal Arch are known as “Companions”.

The word Companion is derived from two Latin terms, meaning someone with whom you shared your bread, was one who could be trusted with your life; it suggests a higher affinity than that of a brother. It is a particularly apt description of a member of the Royal Arch, who has a duty to support and encourage his Companions and to attain a high standard of his conduct in his personal life. New Members very quickly discover why we say the desire of all Royal Arch Masons is to “please each other and to unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness”.

Qualification for Membership
Membership is open to Freemasons of all faiths who have been Master Masons for at least four weeks.

When is the best time to join?
When a mason is entirely comfortable with his Craft Masonry and its ethos. The interval between becoming a Master Mason and his exaltation into a Royal Arch Chapter is, however, a matter for each individual and will largely depend on his circumstances and readiness for its teachings.

Which Chapter should a Craft Mason join?
RA PROVINCIAL APRON, SASH, COLLARETTE & JEWELA mason is not restricted to joining the Chapter that may be associated with his Lodge; he will be made welcome in any Chapter of his choice. Indeed, many Brethren choose to join a Chapter not connected with their Lodge, or even in a different Masonic Hall, as this affords them the opportunity to develop and widen their relationships with other masons, thereby enhancing the companionship and happiness Royal Arch masonry offers.

Royal Arch Logo1Most Royal Arch Chapters meet four times a year, and these meetings are called ‘Convocations’. One of these is the occasion of Installation, when the Principals and Officers of a Chapter usually change every year, as in the Craft. Once in office, there will usually be one rehearsal for each Convocation.


There are two: Exaltation when a new member is admitted to the Chapter and the Installation for each of the three Principals. Both are most impressive, colourful and moving occasions. Convocations are usually followed by a meal at the Social Board.

Cana Chapter                                                                                                                       

CAM_4056Warranted on the 12th May 1769  Cana Lodge or the Chapter of the First Miracle, meeting in Colne. This Chapter, along with its sister Chapter of the Nativity, are jointly the oldest warranted Chapters in the world. Comprising of Royal Arch Masons from Craft Lodges within the local Burnley and Pendle District

The next step in your craft masonry is to join the Royal Arch and Cana Chapter

Contact David Tyman the Royal Arch District Officer.

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3 thoughts on “Royal Arch

  1. hi Bob
    Cana chapter is going from strength to strength.
    we now have five prospective candidates.
    Jack the janitor. Cana chapter


  2. I discovered at the Royal Arch Provincial Grand Chapter Meeting that less than 40% of Craft masons in the Province take the next step into the Royal Arch. I have no idea why this should be the case. It is like getting 3/4 of the way through the third degree and then stopping.
    It’s not as if there is a huge commitment in time or finance, most chapters meet only 3-4 times a year and there are only two ceremonies, one being the Installation of the Principles and the other an exaltation of a craft mason into the Chapter.
    It really is a joy to be a member of the Royal Arch and to be among Masons who are very capable as such, and relaxed about who and what they are amongst their companions, oh and you get to find out what happens about the loss of certain things in the third degree.
    Personally, it’s a no-brainer.


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